Plague Myeline Multiple Sclerosis

How does a plaque start?

The central idea of the theory of Dr. Hugo Henzi is that Multiple Sclerosis is not a typical auto-immune disease, but rather an allo-auto-allergy. Because of its allergic character it is easy to understand why we see so often an unpredictable course of the disease. It depends on our lifestyle!...
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stem-cell therapy when having MS

The most recent trends in the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis: Stem-cell Therapy

Your neurologist and every neurologist will tell you over and over again that the cause of multiple sclerosis is unknown until today. One theory about a slow virus reaction is reluctantly more or less abandoned. So, we seem to be stuck in the idea of a fault in our auto-immune...
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Diet Multiple Sclerosis

Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis: Why diets sometimes have some effect, but too little.

Introduction Although most MS therapy is not associated with rules concerning diet or lifestyle, there is no doubt that there is recently general agreement that dietary factors and lifestyle may exacerbate or ameliorate MS symptoms. (See: ASN Neuro : Nutrition Facts in Multiple Sclerosis, febr. 2015) Those factors influence the inflammatory status...
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Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis

Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis. New insights.

In september 2016 the 32nd Congress of the European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis (ECTRIM) was held in London. The results of much new research are disappointing with respect to the unravelling of the cause of Multiple Sclerosis: no really new insights and treatment for Multiple Sclerosis...
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Multiple Sclerosis Associations

Multiple Sclerosis Foundations

Last weekend, I was scrolling through some websites of some Multiple Sclerosis foundations. But when you read about the causes of Multiple Sclerosis at the Multiple Sclerosis foundations, you really get despondent. It's always: We don’t really know the cause. Many experts have tried to identify the causes of MS....
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Multiple Sclerosis Ebook & Blog - Dr. RSHM Beijersbergen

Welcome to my Multiple Sclerosis Blog!

Welcome to my blog about Multiple Sclerosis. I am very excited to tell you all about what causes multiple sclerosis. I have been a neurologist since 1975 and have been dealing with Multiple Sclerosis ever since. I specialized in Multiple Sclerosis and whiplash syndrome. The causes of these two neurological...
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