Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis: Why diets sometimes have some effect, but too little.


Although most MS therapy is not associated with rules concerning diet or lifestyle, there is no doubt that there is recently general agreement that dietary factors and lifestyle may exacerbate or ameliorate MS symptoms. (See: ASN Neuro : Nutrition Facts in Multiple Sclerosis, febr. 2015)

Those factors influence the inflammatory status of the disease in all kinds of MS. Especially the Western-style diet is incriminated. The way this diet provokes the inflammation is only vaguely known .

As far back as the 1970’s Dr. H. Henzi already identified the western diet as one of three causal factors for the development of MS. From the 1980’s, I treat my MS patients with a rational, scientific founded diet. And with succes!

In my e-book you can read the rationale behind this diet based on a sound scientific theory. You will learn and understand which ingredient in food causes the trouble and also how it does this in cooperation with two other factors, that are necessary to start the disease.

A critical appraisal of some aspects of the known diets in use with MS:

 1. ‘The diseases Multiple Sclerosis and obesitas are growing around the globe. When children from 7 -13 years of age have an elevated BMI (adipositas), they have more chance to develop MS. The reason is unknown.’

Comment: As I explain in my e-book the disease develops itself subclinical to a special allergy in the childhood through a slow proces. These findings with children underpins our theory!


2. ‘The American Dr. Terry Wahls became a serious victim of MS. She was wheelchair bound and feared to got bedridden. She decided to live on the diet of that of our hunter/gatherer ancestors. Her disease disappeared as snow for the sun. She has completely recovered and is very healthy for years.’

Comment: As you can read in the e-book, she is unknowingly and without a scientific sound reason following our most important advice with regard to her diet. No wonder that she recovered. You should expect this result with the described theory in the ebook and with following our diet advice. As you also easily can understand from our advice is that a complete hunter/gatherer diet is unnecessary and far too strict!

3. ‘Many diets are recommend in the media such as Calory restriction, Mediterranean diet, Mc. Dougall diet, Swank diet, Gluten free diet, Paleo diet, etc.’

Comment: The main problem with all these diets is a striking lack of any scientific theoretical base. Yet it seems that some have a favourable influence on the disease. With the theory described, this is simply explainable. Every diet asks for a change in lifestyle and more healthy food without the modern affluence.

So one of the causal relations of the disease is lessening in ernest with these diets. But not enough, because MS is (in our view, read our book) an allergy. So, some ingredients are to be expelled completely from the diet!

4. ‘There are some reports about the influence of the composition of the bacterial population in our guts on Multiple Sclerosis.’

Comment: As we write in our e-book is the uptake of food in our gut a major factor as the second causal factor of the three factors causing MS. This has to do with the breakdown of the pectines in our food by bacteriae. You may expect that different bacteriae have different effect on this process and thus are part in the second causal factor of the development of MS. Some may provoke the disease by their working. I don’t believe in a direct attack of bacteriae on our nervous system as is suggested in some articles. This in my opinion pure speculation.


In another (next) blog I will give you my opinion about stemcell therapy.

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