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Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis. New insights. - A consult about Multiple Sclerosis

Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis. New insights.

In september 2016 the 32nd Congress of the European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis (ECTRIM) was held in London. The results of much new research are disappointing with respect to the unravelling of the cause of Multiple Sclerosis: no really new insights and treatment for Multiple Sclerosis were generated.

As usual the brunt of research was spent on the application of the promising auto-immune treatments of Multiple Sclerosis: especially the immune modulating medications.

Some new insights were generated in the way those medications exert their influence on the immune system of the body. Most interesting in our view is the finding that they inhibit activated auto-reactive lymfocytes (See my ebook: A consult about Multiple Sclerosis) Dr. Henzi already wrote a long time ago that autoreactive lymfocytes were part of the endogenic reaction (the third factor!) that causes Multiple Sclerosis.

Anyhow those new therapies and medications of MS are powerfull, usefull and as yet indispensable to modulate the endogenic auto-immune reaction in the nervous system. Without doubt it has been proven that this kind of medication reduces the damage the disease inflicts in the brains of MS patients. Even with progressive MS there is a proven positive effect after a delay of 2 to 2,5 years treatment. By now more than 10 different medications are available to fight MS!

It has also become clear that this medications have some serious side effects, especially the newest and most powerfull of these medications. They can be injurious to the resistance of the body against common infections.

I strongly advise to apply those medications when indicated by your neurologist as soon as possible after the Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis. But also to quit these medication as soon as the disease activity nears to zero.

I attach great importance to the early diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis for these medication and even more important for the causal and therefore rational treatment I propose in my e-book.

Is there really no new insight in the cause of Multiple Sclerosis in this Congress?

The answer is that there seem to be some findings that underpin the theory about the three factors that are the cause of Multiple Sclerosis.

The Australian non-profit organisation MS Base Ltd has a database of more then 40 000 MS patients in more then 30 countries around the world. They mention some interesting results:

•Relapsing, remitting Multiple Sclerosis is growing in the male relative to females burt only in cold climates.
•The age on which MS starts is related to the degree of latitude in the world.
•There is a relation between the lack of Vitamin D in people and the ocuurence of MS .
•Especally in cold climates ther are more relapses of MS in winters (When there is less Vitamin D in the blood!)

Another study showed that less sun and lower Vitamin D are related to more serious MS cases.This same study blames smoking for worsening MS and causing relapses. But supplying more Vitamin D doesn’t lessen the relapses, but rather lessen longterm damage to the nervous system.

When you read my e-book and study the theory of dr. Henzi, you can easily understand that all those findings fit well in his theory. To say the least: all those findings point in the direction of a lifestyle problem, influencing the cause and the course of the disease. As we already supposed: MS is a modern disease closely related to our lifestyle. Australian researchers have indeed shown that by changing life habits they could influence for the better the prognosis of Multiple Sclerosis of their patients.

Please read more details and a thorough explanation of the three causes of MS in my e-book: A consult about Multiple Sclerosis – The 3 factors that cause Multiple Sclerosis, it’s treatment and relapse prevention.

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