The most recent trends in the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis: Stem-cell Therapy

Your neurologist and every neurologist will tell you over and over again that the cause of multiple sclerosis is unknown until today. One theory about a slow virus reaction is reluctantly more or less abandoned. So, we seem to be stuck in the idea of a fault in our auto-immune system.

If that’s true, then MS is certainly a weird auto-immune disease. Why is the disease almost restricted to people who lived before the age of 15 years in a cold climate regardless race or origin? It’s clear that the fundaments of the disease are laid in the youth. And why do we see an ever growing number of patients like it is a slow progressing epidemic? Why seem lifestyle and diet habits to play a role in the seriousness of the disease?

I explain the reasons and the causation for every one of these special features in my e-book ‘A Consult about Multiple Sclerosis’. I set out the 3 factors that cause Multiple Sclerosis, its treatment and relapse prevention. What’s more, I hand you over a rational therapy based on the idea of MS as a special kind of allergy! And it works!

To cut corners for now, I will explain what it is: Multiple Sclerosis is a special kind of allergy. Of course, because of that, your immune system is doing the wrong job for your nervous system.

So, it should (and will) make sense that the manipulation of the immune system (as with stem-cell therapy) has a positive effect by expelling the old immune system as a whole and bringing in a new system.


Isn’t it better to stop the allergy by ruling out the allergens? Of course! When you understand the 3 factors that cause MS, you know how to rule out the allergens in your diet. With great results! But if you go for a more drastic measure, stem-cell therapy might be a way to go.

By now only very serious handicapped young patients with an aggressive progressing Multiple Sclerosis will be included in the most time experimental treatments. This therapy has some nasty and sometimes dangerous side effects. But it works.

Side effects are from the toxicity of the chemicals used to eradicate the old immune system, from the temporary risk of an unwished viral infect and problems with the thyroid gland.

Nevertheless, the first results are hopeful. A long-lasting try-out in Canada gave excellent result, with 70% of the patients for more than 3 years free of relapse and also some result in the other 30 %. As you will understand, those results are not contradicting the notion of Dr. Henzi of MS as an allergic disease. An auto-immune allergic reaction also becomes impossible by expelling the allergic immune system!

Maybe you have heard of efforts to produce a vaccine against MS. Most probably these vaccines are produced to block some special protein on the surface of the white blood cells that attack the myelin of the nerves. The blood cells are then impeded to reach their target (the Myelin) in the nervous system.

We have to wait for the (until now experimental) results before we can give a sound judgement about it.

As you already have noticed: all these measures are following the disease. They don’t aim at the three basal causal factors, except the stem cell therapy, that radical alters the genetic factor. But none works really prophylactic for the disease as such. I can explain you why this is the case. Maybe next time I will tell you more about it.

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