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Welcome to my blog about Multiple Sclerosis. I am very excited to tell you all about what causes multiple sclerosis. I have been a neurologist since 1975 and have been dealing with Multiple Sclerosis ever since. I specialized in Multiple Sclerosis and whiplash syndrome. The causes of these two neurological conditions have not been clearly identified, and as yet, there are really no effective rational treatment for multiple sclerosis. In my clinical practice, due to the many experiences with my MS patients and many years spent providing multiple sclerosis treatment, I have invested considerable time into the study of Multiple Sclerosis. I have become a specialist for Multiple Sclerosis patients in the Netherlands and beyond.

Currently, I am retired and have a busy social life and many activities, like painting modern and old style paintings from Monet to old Dutch masters like Rembrandt and Vermeer. But my passion to help people, especially those with Multiple Sclerosis, is still burning. Patients, friends and relatives have told me that my theory about the causes of MS and the treatments for it should not go to waste due to my retirement.

Previously, while working as a neurologist in the hospital, I thought a lot about getting more deeply involved in MS and the theory I described in my multiple scelrosis ebook. But like many other great ideas, a lack of time and other activities unfortunately kept me from acting upon it. With retirement, I finally have the time to put this theory about the causes of Multiple Sclerosis into a paper, which is now available to you in the form of this e-book consult. It is based on a theory developed by the Swiss physician Dr. Hugo Henzi.

My ultimate dream is that there will be breakthrough in MS treatment and prevention based on Dr. Henzi’s theory. Thanks to modern technology I can now provide a consult thru this e-book to thousands of people. Maybe this is even better than consulting with one patient at a time.

For now, my mission is to help as many MS patients and their loved ones as possible through an introduction of this theory, and hopefully make the lives of MS patients a bit more active and healthy. I also hope to expand my collaboration with other neurologists through my blog site. I hope you find this blog and my ebook consult on MS helpful in your life.


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